Marketing Automation, Platform Integration, Content Marketing, Direct Marketing

The DMXENGAGE drive to master integrated behavioral marketing stems from our beginnings in data and carries forth in our collective expertise in design, digital development, print and fulfillment. Our team’s unique ability to dive deep into data and use it to integrate direct mail, email, social media and more gives us the ability to connect with our clients – and their clients – where they live and where they make decisions. Data is more than just a set of names or numbers; it drives everything we do.


Marketing automation allows for tailored messaging to varied customers, sending the right message, at the right time, through the right channel.

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Data can tell you a lot about your customers or prospects, but only if you give it the power to work for you.

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Customers crave consistent and relevant communication along their purchasing journey, and engaging content is what keeps them coming back.

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Integrated campaigns take your message to where people live – and there’s no more literal example than a relevant, personalized piece in the mailbox.

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Years Serving Our Clients' Business-Critical Needs

Million Pieces of Direct Mail Fulfilled in 2014

Institutions of Higher Education served in 2014

Million Emails Written, Created and Tested in 2014