Extreme QC™


100% Accuracy Is Our Standard 

Providing extreme quality control and ensuring accuracy of your project is so important at DMXENGAGE that we developed our own methodology for it. Our proprietary Extreme QC™ process helps prevent and mitigate errors from the beginning so unexpected surprises don’t affect your timeline or budget. Extreme QC™ is in effect at every level, every step of the way and requires that every project pass final approval by at least two qualified people at any stage where a transformation occurs. When rare mistakes do occur they are thoroughly documented and safeguards are implemented to make sure they never happen again. How do we know Extreme QC™ works? Our client retention rate and performance speaks for itself.


Percentage of clients who have been doing business with DMXENGAGE for over 10 years.

48% of our clients have been with DMXENGAGE for over 5 years