“Our company’s tagline is “Services Tailored Around You”. We are passionate about service and believe it is important to partner with firms with the same focus. DMX has been a valued partner to ALPS and our clients for many years. Our DMX team’s experience and agility allow us to create customizable solutions.  They have worked with us to offer services that meet our unique clients’ needs, and they understand our business and our data. Client privacy and data integrity are of utmost importance to us as a financial organization and together we have created sustainable processes and controls, mitigating risk. We believe that DMX has contributed to our success as a leading financial services provider.”

— Mathew Eischen, Senior Vice President, ALPS Fund Services

“I just wanted to thank you for all the personal attention that you’ve given to us with our orders. I also wanted to tell you that of all our vendors, DMXENGAGE is the easiest to deal with, creates the least amount of problems, and is the most helpful. We don’t often say, ‘Thank You’ enough to our vendors who are NOT causing us problems; we tend to focus on the ones who do. So, the fact that you are somewhat under-appreciated is nothing but a good thing, and I hope you take this as a complete compliment.”

– Jerry Everett, Director of Sales, OnConference

“I trust the judgments, recommendations and expertise of DMXENGAGE in getting the job done right, on time, and within budget. They evaluate each job individually and determine the best solutions for printing and shipping, allowing me to keep my staff resources freed up. DMX makes us feel important and valued as a client.”

– Jasper Frontz, Treasurer, Denver Investment Advisors